Something more than a dream

I want to present you a very special corner of our website.  The Gen de Oliva blog deals with the Sixth Generation.  From this blog we do the following: will tell you about curiosities of oil, explain the different parts of the process, how to cook dishes in which our EVOO will be the protagonist, comment news from the sector, and even share anecdotes of our day to day lives.   We want nothing more than to make you a partaker of the Gen of Oliva.

We already said it on the web page, but I’ll repeat it again. This project is born from a deep-rooted family tradition.  Six generations ago our family cultivated the lands that provide us the EVOO that we have always consumed at home.  It is LIQUID GOLD that we would like to share with all of you.

I am the one who puts a voice or rather that puts the letter to this blog. I am Gen de Oliva, I am part of the fifth generation. But I am not alone in this new challenge, and I want to thank all the people who have helped me start the project (selling oil online).  To my ancestors, for having been interested in olive trees, olives and their juice, for more than 100 years.  To my grandfathers (both maternal and paternal), they have instilled the culture of EVOO.  To my parents, they have trusted me.  To my brother, he has always been there.  To my husband, he has supported me at every step.  To my children, they have asked  for oil every morning and at every meal.  They are the inspiration of this project, they are those who have made us recognize the luck that we have every time we consume pure juice of olives.  Every time we consume the oil, we benefit from their multiple properties.  Our children are the reason for sharing this product.  They are The Sixth Generation.  Yet, I am not finished, thank you Salud for all your errands and efforts.  Thank you, Miguel, for helping us find our identity. Thanks Barbara, for a design of the brand and the bottles that perfectly reflect what we want to convey.  Thanks Antonio and Ana for all the knowledge shared and your good work.  Thanks Javier for your exposure photos and those impossible touches.  Thanks Brian for your infinite patience with the translations.  Thanks Frucomedia for our online showcase … Thanks to all who have contributed your oil droplet to carry out this new adventure.

At this moment … We begin to realize this dream!

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