Revive your feet

Revive your feet with EVOO

The good weather is already here. It is the time to take our feet for a walk, and on many occasions we find that they are dry and undernourished. We bring you the solution based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

The feet are the great forgotten. We do not pay attention to their hydration during the year and when the time comes, we look for a quick and effective solution to show them off without complications.

Our proposal is homemade, 100% natural, antibacterial and very rich in antioxidants. We suggest a massage with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This product, so well known and valued for its nutritional properties, is also a great ally for beauty.

A simple massage with EVOO on the feet brings an extra hydration and avoids the discomfort of the swollen and tired feet. If at the end of the day we wash our feet and finish the bath with a nice massage of olive oil, the benefits will be quickly noticed and appreciated.

How to do it?
It is important to pay attention to the entire foot. We can put more emphasis on the affected areas, but we must extend the EVOO well over  the whole foot (toes, ankle and heel).

We will always get better results if we exfoliate before we massage.  We can exfoliate with the same EVOO that we use for the massage. In order to exfoliate with EVOO, use a simple mix of oil with brown sugar.  Four spoonfuls of sugar and the necessary amount of EVOO to cover it will be enough to get our exfoliation paste to remove hardness and dead skin.

In addition to these tips related to EVOO, we recommend that you walk barefoot on cold soils, on grass, stone, lawn and on a sandy beach. It greatly improves circulation in the feet, so it is good for your health.

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