Gen de Oliva - botella AOVE

Gen de Oliva is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality created with the combination of complementary monovarieties. A blended oil that seeks to enrich the sensitive experience of our consumer. Mostly Picual, with small portions of Hojiblanca and Picudo to enhance its sensorial characteristics.

We want to share a fresh and unfiltered EVOO. The olive’s juice in its maximum expression, in which we do not lose any natural attribute. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we have always consumed in the family.

How do we get it?

After months of careful attention to the olive trees, we collect the olives during the months of October, November, and December. Olives are the essence of our product. They always come directly from the tree. Within a few hours of collection (always within the same day), they are transferred to the mill. At the mill, after selecting and washing the correct ones, they are ground in a room where the temperature is not more than 27ºC. This process is known as the first cold extraction. The paste obtained – composed of oil, fruit pulp, small bone residues and water – goes to the centrifugation. The centrifugation is where the oil is separated from the rest of the components. In order to eliminate the small amount of solids remaining in the oil, in Gen de Oliva we use the traditional process of natural decanting. Decanting is done without any filtration or manipulation. After the packaging process, with time, there may appear seats or grounds on the bottom of the containers. They are tiny parts of olives that cannot be removed during the natural mechanical process. These tiny parts are proof of the purity of our EVOO.

Tasting note

One’s nose receives an intense fruity smell, with herbaceous features, green almond, apple and reminiscences of tomatoes and artichokes.

boca gen de oliva

The experience of the mouth is a sweet entrance, with a rear mild bitterness and ends leaving a spicy tenuous in the throat. It has an aftertaste of almonds and tomatoes.

It contains a high content of polyphenols and natural antioxidants, which makes it retain all its properties.

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